HDA formerly AFIA

The Holiday & Decorative Association (HDA), formerly the American Flower Importers Association (AFIA) was originally incorporated on May 6, 1994, as a result of a collective effort of nineteen major silk botanical and Christmas accessories importers.  A non-profit organization, AFIA was created to promote the industry and to negotiate issues that are important to this industry collectively.

AFIA's first meeting for charter members was held during Silk '94.  Bylaws were passed with regard to such issues as antitrust, fair credit reporting, tax, and corporate laws.  AFIA has retained legal counsel.  The trade association is governed by a board of eleven trustees.  Supersilk has assumed chair duties for the past two years in order to initiate the association function.   Four trustees have been appointed for special one-year terms.  When the terms expire, these seats will be up for election for two-year terms.  Members are in the process of voting for the last two positions which have two-year items.  This will stagger Board turnover and insure continuity in its functions.

The last board meeting was held on June 27, 1996 at Silk '96 in Las Vegas.  Some of the issues addressed were the needs and benefits of a Credit Association, transportation issues including air freight and hotes arrangements, change in membership classifications, and Holiday Expo '97 in Dallas.

According to AFIA bylaws, qualifications to be a fully fledged member with voting rights and such included the need to meet requirements of at least $2,000,000 in gross sales of artificial botanical products and the need to have a distribution facility in the US.  In order to expand the membership of AFIA, a resolution proposed to create a wider and stronger association by forming an additional classification such as associate and affiliate, with little or no voting rights.

Some of the goals of AFIA include:

  • act in unison as a nationwide organization of importers of artificial botanical products, accessories and Christmas decorations
  • to foster an promote our business in the US
  • to promote the development of fair and efficient nationwide channels for transportation, distribution and sale
  • to promote fair credit practices
  • to affect change at trade shows, where exhibitors feel change is needed
  • to affect legislation that controls import tariffs
  • to control the escalating costs of air frieght for samples

The formation of this organization has been a giant step for the industry.


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