HDA Card

The HDACard offers exclusive discounts for HDA member buyers.

: The HDACard is targeted towards buyer members to receive special discounts in the HDA Member showrooms. 
: Showrooms either choose the HDA $50 off  any order over $1500 or designate their own offer. 

: "HDA Card Accepted Here" signs hang outside of each participating member showroom.

: At $250 per year, your membership pays for itself with the HDACard savings.

: Write larger orders and get new customers.
: Free PR for your company including social media, website listings and e-mail announcements.
: Support, showroom signage and sales training to make the HDACard discount loyalty program successful for your company.

DALLAS is the place for the HDACARD and YOU!

Please email patriciaizajac@gmail.com to participate
Designate your own offer or use the general HDA offer of $50 off any order over $1500.

P: 214.742.2747
F: 214.742.2648
International Trade Plaza, 2F403
Dallas Market Center
2050 N. Stemmons Freeway, Unit 170
Dallas, TX 75207-3206
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