About HDA

Mission Statement

The Holiday & Decorative Association (HDA), formerly, the American Floral Industry Association (AFIA), is the nation's only organization representing all segments of the permanent botanical, holiday and decorative accessories industry.

AFIA was founded in 1994 to achieve the following goals:

  • To act as the national organization for importers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, sales representatives and others involved in the permanent botanical, holiday and decorative accessories industry
  • To foster and promote all businesses within that industry
  • To maintain a favorable business climate in North America for the use of the industry's products
  • To improve continually the public's knowledge and awareness about the quality and diversity of the industry's products through effective marketing
  • To promote the development of fair and efficient national practices for the transportation, distribution and sale of the industry's products
  • To promote fair credit practices within the industry
  • To present current and accurate information to decision-makers who affect the industry
  • To enhance the quality of commercial displays, meetings and trade shows sponsored by others
  • To represent the industry's interests before all legislative and executive bodies